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Information on our previous and upcoming webinars can be found below

24 April 2021

The Mangled Hand

BFIRST and BSSH are excited to bring you a new series of Hand Surgery webinars for 2021/2022. These will be held monthly on Friday/Saturday afternoons starting at 2pm and last for around 2.5 hours. The full list of topics will be published soon but we will be starting with our inaugural webinar on: ‘The Mangled Hand’. 

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26 March 2021

How to Manage a Failing Burn Wound

Microbiological management, wound debridement, dressings, topical therapies, allograft.

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19 February 2021

Medications in Burn Patients

Drugs to use and drugs to avoid. Pain and itch management – versatility of sedation, and benefits of drug holidays. Evidence for, and how to use topical therapies and nebulised medication. Anticoagulation management.

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15 January 2021

Fluid and Circulation Support

Managing the circulation of paediatric and adult patients: fluids, inotropes and renal replacement therapies. How these are adjusted in the obese patient, the pregnant patient.

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20 November

Managing Burn Metabolism

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16 October

The first week of a patient with a major burn injury

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18 September

Immediate Assessment of the Burn Injury

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5th and 26th September

This two-part virtual symposium brought together people who are passionate about the care of children (and adults) with congenital hand differences worldwide. This webinar shares learning and facilitates a platform for the discussion of unique challenges faced by countries in resource limited settings. It focuses on the management of common conditions and allow an international panel to discuss ways to avoid complications or treat these complications. Participants from different resource-limited countries also discuss and share how they overcome challenges and allow networking and sharing of resources.

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Click here to view part 2


18th July and 8th August


The BFIRST / BBA / BAPRAS Burns Care online symposium aims to provide high quality online instructional burns education relevant to low and middle-income countries (LMICs)/ limited resource settings. The symposium series has been designed by an international steering committee. We hope the symposium will help to bring together the global community of burn care providers in LMIC by being easily accessible and freely available.

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View part 1 on Acute Care here

View part 2 on Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Prevention here

Rayhana Awwal’s talk on reconstruction of trunk and breast post burn surgery can be viewed here

Access the Acetic acid dressings guidance discussed in the acute care session here

Click here to view the Burn Blister Management Guide

Click here to view the Burn Blister Deroofing guide

Click here to view the Burns Contracture Surgery guide


14th June – Tendon Transfers for Median and Ulnar Nerve Palsies

Teaching for this webinar was provided by specialist hand surgeon Donald Sammut who has a special interest in the reanimation of the paralysed hand due to leprosy. This is a big topic, and cannot be completely covered in our usual one hour sessions. For this reason, his talk is split into two parts:


  1. Biomechanics of the Intrinsics
  2. Tendon Transfers


23rd May – Hand Trauma Symposium

This half day hand trauma symposium focused on delivering care for hand patients across the world during the COVID-19 crisis, aimed at our BFIRST and BSSH overseas friends and colleagues. The session focused on an array of topics including Wide Awake Hand Surgery with No Tourniquet (WALANT), redesign of a hand trauma pathway and UK guidelines, as well as useful technologies like the Hand Trauma App and Hand Therapy App.

The webinar featured an expert panel of international speakers including Nikolas Jagodzinski, Dave Bell, Barbara Jemec, Sarah Tucker, Jonathan Jones and Wee Lam, and we were very honoured to be joined by Professor Don Lalonde who presented a lecture on WALANT and led the discussion on its uses and applications where there is a lack of resources.

The following points were also covered:


  • Current BSSH, BOA and BAPRAS guidelines
  • Redesigning the Hand Surgery/Therapy service during COVID
  • Wide awake hand surgery and evidence-based sterility
  • Hand fractures and Soft tissue cover
  • Complex Cases discussion

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