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Project Report coming soon! In the meantime, please do check out some of the photos we took in Sri Lanka.

A note on medical photography

Medical photography when used in a healthcare setting can have huge benefits for patients and medical professionals.

The purpose of the images can be used in a number of ways, these being: to document, in an unbiased manner, patient conditions, monitoring of treatment, injury, healing, medical and surgical procedures and specimens.

In the case of healing, should patients request to see their photographs, the images can have a positive, psychological impact on their well being. Two examples of this are with reconstructive surgery after burns injuries, and the release or reconstruction of tissue to enable movement, which was otherwise restricted before treatment or surgery.

Medical photographs can also be used to teach surgeons, doctors and other medical staff, and are an accurate means of documentation.

Medical photographers work to support medical staff and patients by protecting “patient identity, ensuring a patients dignity, personal and cultural beliefs are not compromised” and providing accurate images for clinical staff.

Code of Professional Conduct: The Insitute of Medical Illustrators. 2014

Sarah Lever. April 2017.
Registered Medical Photographer (AHCS)