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Support our missions abroad by donating the proceeds from just 1 case to BFIRST

As the official charity of BAPRAS, BFIRST relies heavily on donations and support from members and the public. In 2016, we launched an innovative scheme called the “Just 1 Case”, to encourage BAPRAS members to donate the proceeds of just one of their cases to BFIRST.

The proceeds from this project will go straight into funding one of the ongoing missions of BFIRST in supporting overseas projects, training surgeons through fellowships or buying essential equipment to help ongoing BFIRST missions.

Any consultant who donated under this scheme will receive an official letter of receipt from the BAPRAS/BFIRST secretariat and an official “Just 1 Case” logo that they can put on their own website.

To donate just one case, please visit our donation page and follow the instructions.

Please also send an email to to let the Secretariat know you have donated under this scheme.

We are extremely grateful for your kind support to fulfill the mission of BFIRST.